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Are you exhausted?

Are you exhausted?

I am.

Are you exhausted trying to figure out what is coming next?

(Not really sure if we ever know what is going to happen next.)

Are you exhausted just thinking about the quickly approaching flu season and how that reality might impact the new normal that we are living in now?

(Not even sure what the new normal is.)

Are you exhausted trying to remember to grab a mask, to wear a mask, what people think about you when you have a mask on, and what you think about that person wearing a mask?

(Not sure where my mask is now. Oh wait, I have them stuck in every bag, compartment, and corner possible.)

Are you exhausted watching the bipolar stock market and wondering what your financial future is going to look like?

(Not even sure extremely intelligent financial experts know what is going to happen next.)

Are you exhausted trying to make wise leadership decisions when you fully grasp that the shifting and tumultuous nature of your leadership sphere forces you to face what looks like a losing proposition?

(Not sure if I have one more decision left in me to make.)

Are you exhausted just processing through the presidential election that is setting a new standard for polarizing people?

(Not sure . . . nope, not going to elaborate any more on this one.)

Are you exhausted?

I am.

But the exhaustion that I am experiencing, and more than likely you as well, is much deeper. It is exhaustion at the soul level that has erupted from a season of life that has all of us saturated in the unknown. It is an exhaustion that rest can’t convince to subside. It is an exhaustion that lingers right under the surface looking to pounce at any moment. (And oh, it is effective.)

And as I type those words, very little reprieve enters into my soul. I know, my normal optimistic self seems to be seeking into a state of hibernation.

And then, the words from Jesus whispers into the dark void of my soul:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Rest. A rest that can’t be achieved by time management techniques and better work management.

Rest. A rest that can’t be curtailed by limiting news inputs and social media scrolling.

Rest. A rest that can’t be manufactured by positive self-talk and listening to podcasts.

Rest. It is a rest that is sourced by laying at the feet of God the Father - fully embracing His presence that brings everything back into perspective. Rest in Jesus’ whisper, which is inviting you to rest in Him. Rest in knowing that God - sovereign God - is doing something seismic around this world. Rest in the arms of the victorious Risen King - Jesus - who is with you.

So today, take a deep breath and rest.

I am.

As I was writing this song was on repeat. I hope it is a source of encouragement and strength. It has been for me. BREAKTHROUGH

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