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Maybe choose to live unprotected . . .

Maybe you live completely vulnerable - grasping that people will use that as leverage against you. (It will be painful.)

Maybe you live outside of the shadows - in the spotlight where people freely shoot their verbal arrows at you. (And some are excellent marksmen.)

Maybe you choose to live life as an open book, freely offered to all people, realizing that people can do whatever they want with it. (And don’t worry, some will take full advantage at tearing you into shreds while claiming to love you and Jesus.)

Maybe it is to live your life willing to face the judgment of those who are not willing to reciprocate the same unprotected resolve. (And their judgment comes with sentencing.)

And by doing so . . .

Maybe someone will grasp that your pain is not that much different than their pain.

Maybe someone will realize that they aren’t alone on their proverbial island, filled with echoing doubts.

Maybe someone will release their suffocating guilt tethered to their sin, which is similar to yours. And that God’s grace is the true cry of everyone’s soul.

And if only one person makes up that someone, then choosing to be that person to live unprotected is absolutely worth it.

It. Is. Worth. It.


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